I know how to hurt
I know how to heal
I know what to show
And what to conceal

Quote about Scorpio (via ilovethesepicz)
  • Aries: has no chill
  • Taurus: has too much chill
  • Gemini: needs to shut the fuck up
  • Cancer: won't stop crying
  • Leo: keeps checking the mirror
  • Virgo: talks while you listen to your fave song ????
  • Libra: wears too much makeup
  • Scorpio: has a boner
  • Sagittarius: probably snorts paprika for fun
  • Capricorn: cleans too much or not enough
  • Aquarius: ditches babies
  • Pisces: needs rehab
Signs as Lana Del Rey (Born To Die) songs


Aries (Ride)

Taurus (Body Electric)

Gemini (Carmen)

Cancer (Summertime Sadness)

Leo (Off to the Races)

Virgo (Blue Jeans) 

Libra (Diet Mountain Dew)

Scorpio (National Anthem)

Sagittarius (Video Games)

Capricorn (Born to Die)

Aquarius (Radio)

Pisces (Dark Paradise)

Mars sign seduction:


Aries: Lets get right to it, sultry, seductive, straight forward, spontaneous.

Taurus: good food, gentle music, Nice aromas, sensual, a classic seduction.

Gemini: love letters, Humour, Conversation, stimulated intellect.

Cancer: To show vulnerability and sensitivity in Conversation, good food,…